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Dairy free pink ice-cream

October 9, 2011

A little girl has waited a very long time for a special treat.

When I spotted a recipe on the brilliant blog, Housewife Confidential, I knew it was one to try. It seemed easy. And it was.

To keep it dairy and gluten free I used coconut cream. And I don’t own an ice cream maker so it was the old fashioned way for me. Here’s what I did…

2 x tins (340ml) of Coconut Cream

340ml of strawberries

about 100g of golden caster sugar

Keep a handful of strawberries whole.

Blend the rest to a pulp and put through a sieve to eliminate the pips.

Mix with the cream and sugar

Pour it into a shallow tupperware and pop in the freezer for two hours.

Take out and leave to melt a bit, then whisk with a hand held electric whisk.

Freeze again for two hours and then repeat the whisking stage.

Chop up the whole strawberries and mix them in before popping back into the freezer to set for a final time.

The results? A beaming smile from one very happy little girl.


more please mummy
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