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New baby, new me

January 2, 2013



I just had a moment of panic. Panic that Little Elf isn’t so little anymore. I mean she is small. Really small. But she is not tiny. Teeny tiny.


It’s taken me three children to find my parenting flow but I feel it with her. Before I stressed about routines, getting enough sleep, worries, fears and anxieties. But with Little Elf I am going with the flow. I am holding her close and don’t want to let go.


Is it because I know this is my last one? I want to absorb every ounce of being a mother and these precious new born moments are so short lived and I want to feel, really feel every single one of them.


Or maybe its because she is one chilled out kid. Accepting of the chaos she lives amongst and happy to be here in my arms.


As a first time mum I felt out if control. I looked to everyone else to guide me, not able or willing to listen to my own natural instincts. What friends did, what the book said, that’s the way I went.


As a second time mum my mind was consumed with trying to cope. Going freelance when he was merely weeks old meant I didn’t have (or make) the time to consider my parenting ways. I just did what I knew.


Being blessed with another baby has given me the assurance that whatever I do raising my children, I’ll do it my way.

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