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January 2, 2013

You are so full of love. You don’t just hug, you squeeze. Your laughter is infectious and can cheer her up when  she is feeling sad. You follow her around wanting to see what she sees. You want to be with her always. Yet why do you kick, scratch and bite. Why do you get so angry, never want to share.


You are a bubble. Always bouncing and springing. You whine, yes, but you always do the right thing. I know you tell tales though. I know you say he scratched when really you pinched. I know that you never retaliate when he attacks. You love him with everything. You panic and scream for him when he is hurt or when he is in trouble. You answer his sentences for him. Say the words he is trying to learn. Point to the pictures he is trying to find.


Your relationship is enchanting. You laugh, chatter, play, eat, share, help each other, argue, fight.


You are brother and sister. The very best of friends.




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